As the heart and soul of any hospital, nurses at Continuum will find themselves receiving as much attention as they give. From the unique benefits for nurses within the Beatrice Renfield Center, to an amazing array of courses, classes, degrees and certifications to advance their careers, nurses at Continuum work in a supportive, enriching and unparalleled environment. Because they are dedicated to nursing as a career as well as a calling, Continuum actively develops management and leadership skills through several national academies and fellowships.

The Beatrice Renfield Center for Nurses at Beth Israel is a shining example of our commitment to caregivers. It’s a place where nurses can work on research or schoolwork, take courses on critical care or holistic therapy, hold a group meeting, or just relax with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. The Center is available to all nurses within the Continuum Health Partnership. Feng shui, aromatherapy, crystals and a meditation room help minimize stress. Computer terminals, high–speed Internet access, A/V equipment and a brew–by–the–cup coffee machine help maximize productivity. There is nothing else like it in the city.

At St. Luke’s Hospital and Roosevelt Hospital, we are committed to continuing our nurses’education – on site, off site and at colleges. We provide a variety of educational programs within the nursing department, as well as an open invitation to all RNs to observe grand rounds of the clinical specialty of their units. Our staff nurses are fully involved in the education of nursing students, something that considerably enhances the working life of our students. All Continuum Hospitals are nursing friendly and extremely supportive of career advancement.

Nursing education moves into the spotlight each May during Nurse Recognition Week. Mixing together educational programs with fairs, meals, award presentations and high-profile speakers, Continuum makes sure our nurses know how much they are valued. We show our appreciation to our dedicated colleagues in many ways. For example, we promote our nurses from within to fill leadership positions and we help them advance in their careers by transferring to higher-level positions at any of our four facilities.

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